Posted by: justrememberthebasics | April 10, 2008

On Exercise

The human body was obviously designed to “move”.  Vigorous movement is typically referred to as exercise.  It’s not surprising that Webster’s dictionary has what today is the most common use of the word as the third definition:  3. activity for training or developing the body or mind; esp., bodily exertion for the sake of health.

I suspect that at least in part training the body is down the list in Webster’s definitions because through most of human history, “exercising” wasn’t a choice, but a necessity to live.  So, it was rarely talked about in the terms that it is today:  bodily exertion for the sake of health

Exercise was part of survival in the non-automated world of farming, hunting, fishing, transportation, and the like.  Every day activity for most of humanity included calorie burning that today would be classified as exercise.  Over the last 100 years or so our culture has become more and more automated.  The fact is the multiple car, remote control TV’s, laptop per person, automatic washer / dryer/ dishwasher / lights / answering machines / microwave homes we live in and offices we work in, which might be one in the same, require us to move less and less.

So, we have two choices:  Add regular, routine exercise to our daily schedules or grow comparatively weak, soft and likely overweight compared to previous generations.  For optimal health, both physical and mental, vigorous physical activity has to be part of the equation.

So friends, find what you like to do:  Walk, run, calisthenics, stairs or swimming.  Power lift, hoops, jumping rope, weight machines, hiking or dumbbells.  And the list is much greater than that.  Choose to mix and match any combination of the above so you have variety in your routine.  The key is to do it.  Do it regularly.  And do it for the right reasons with the right thoughts in mind.

  • Exercise 4 – 6 days a week … minimum of 20 minutes per workout … plan ahead so that you can fit it in your schedule.
  • Mix it up so when parts of your body are recovering other parts are being worked.
  • Focus on being consistent with your exercise – not on what you weigh or what your measurements are.
  • Make regular exercise a life long commitment – not a means to a short term goal – you brush your teeth, shower and exercise regularly until your last days on earth.
  • A great thought when you exercise is to ponder the plight of those who would love to have your routine, but cannot because of restrictions and burdens that they bear.

God made us physical for now.  Our life is a gift. He expects us to “exercise” good decision making.  Exercising regularly is a good decision.


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