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On Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of our time, bringing out intense emotion, and sometimes extreme behavior in otherwise calm, law abiding citizens.

Two key questions are repeatedly asked as abortion is debated time and again.  “When does life begin?” … And … “Does a woman have the ‘right to choose’ what is done with her body?”

Too often in such controversies the meanings of the words that are fundamental and pivotal to the topic will get overlooked, confused, or lost in the debate.  Webster’s dictionary on the root word abort says: to fail, cease or stop at a premature stage.  In the abortion debate, the logical follow up question is to fail, cease or stop what prematurely?  The certain answer is the progression of the gestation process from embryo to fetus to infant; in a word, life.  Undoubtedly, except when nature takes an unfortunate course resulting in a natural miscarriage, without an abortion procedure the eventuality is the birth process; a baby is born.

An analogy clarifies the picture.  A flight is scheduled for takeoff.  The aircraft taxis to the foot of the runway.  The pilot hits the throttle and the aircraft gains speed quickly.  Prior to takeoff, at some point into the land speed build-up, the pilot aborts the flight by shutting down the throttle and applying the brakes.  Continuing the comparison, embryo John or Jane Doe is scheduled to be born.  The gestation period moves along normally, at some point into the gestation period, the natural process is aborted – ceased or stopped prematurely – by one of a few different procedures common in today’s world of medicine.

When does the flight begin?  Answer:  At the foot of the runway.  Land speed build-up is a necessary phase of a flight.  What did the pilot abort?  Answer:  The flight that started at the foot of the runway.  When does life begin?  Answer:  Upon the unification of the sperm and egg that forms the zygote.  The “zygote” implants in the uterine wall and the necessary-to-life gestation period in the womb begins.  What is aborted in the womb?  Answer:  Life – the life of a real person that if not ceased or stopped would be every bit as alive as you and me.

Life begins upon the successful unification of the sperm and egg (zygote) and its implantation in the womb.  Any other answer defies logic and is created to support a position for convenience sake.  Life begins at that point when, if not interfered with, the natural process will lead to a birthed human being.

“Does a woman have the ‘right to choose’ what is done with her body?”  Well, people have the right to smoke cigarettes, drink too much, make unhealthy dietary decisions, and so on.  Sound minded people acknowledge these are poor choices, but permitted rights nonetheless so long as physically they affect just the person making the decision.  Consider how that right changes when such decisions impact other people.  It is unlawful to be intoxicated in public, drive while intoxicated or smoke cigarettes where not permitted.  How much more this simple concept – the impact of one’s decision on other people – should apply to the abortion topic.

In fact, with respect to abortion, the question should be fundamentally changed from, “Does a woman have the ‘right to choose’ what is done to her body?” to “Does a woman have the ‘right to choose’ if her child’s life will proceed naturally or be ended?”  In fewer words, “Does a woman have the ‘right to choose’ to have her child killed?  The logical answer is no.  Killing defies our constitutional rights:  “The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  More importantly, it defies the commandments of God:  “Thou shall not kill.”

When the abortion topic is viewed logically, devoid of personal agendas and entrenched opinions, away from loud voices, angry faces, and tense atmospheres, the answers to these fundamental questions are straight forward and crystal clear.

Even such clarity is not the end of story though.  The fact is that we are a nation that over several decades have aborted the lives of – killed – millions upon millions of our children.  Emotional trauma and depression so often secretly haunt the women who have made the unfortunate decision to have their child’s life aborted, as well as the loved ones with whom these women have shared this information.  So, the issue is not just changing our ways as a nation, a culture, but also healing the many people who hurt at their core, whether consciously or unconsciously, because of a past decision.

We do have a forgiving God; a God who feels our pain and is always ready to forgive and heal a troubled heart.  So, if you or someone you dearly love has made the unfortunate choice to have their child’s life ended, know and encourage others to realize that God wants to provide healing and forgiveness.  He wants all of us to move forward in life with His wisdom of what is right and wrong, and the knowledge that His son’s shed blood covers all sins.  Jesus Christ longs to intercede on our behalf for the forgiveness we so fervently need as a nation and individually.


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